4 cleaning myths named and shamed!

When it comes to cleaning our homes, it’s easy to take all the advice we are offered. After all, we typically want to do a good job and get it done fast! Unfortunately, some commonly-given pieces of advice could actually be SLOWING DOWN your cleaning process! Don’t fall for false advice In order to avoid […]

Bathroom renovations needn’t be a challenge

Finding the right bathroom for your home can be a challenging task. It’s an integral part of the family home that’s used every single day, so it’s important that not only does it look right, but it also works properly. Want to design your own bathroom? Designing your bathroom has never been easier these days, […]

3 things to consider when refurbishing your bathroom or kitchen

When you buy a new house it can be hard (and costly) to put your own stamp on it, but there are few areas of your home that you can refurbish and make them look exactly how you like! The most popular areas of houses to be replaced are bathrooms and kitchens. It can be […]

The manners of moving house

As we are approaching winter, many people are making those last-chance attempts to move before the cold sets in. Whether relocating property or working space, the situation can quickly become rushed as people attempt to fit everything in before the festive period. The associated stresses of the moving experience unfortunately mean that important etiquette often […]

Top tips to get your garden secure for the winter

It could be seen that winter is fast approaching – especially if own a garden! Those keen on garden design and maintenance will most likely know how important it is to take those crucial preparatory steps for the garden. After all, if you’ve spent all summer tending the area – why let this go to […]

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