Bathroom Taps

Gone are the days when bathroom taps were made of brass and of a standard shape and style; today, the range and quality of fittings which is available means bathroom tap choice can enhance the smallest room in any house. is the one stop resource to find information on the latest products as they become available, news, events and customer reviews. Whether developing a whole bathroom, or looking for a stylish, but functional, enhancement for an existing installation, then this is the site to visit regularly.

Choosing bathroom taps is something which cannot be done in isolation, and the style and d├ęcor of the room should be borne in mind along with the effect which is being sought after installation.

Initial choices may centre around having a single mixer tap or dual hot and cold taps; then there is the question of whether a shower head needs to be part of the tap structure; and finally material and style. Traditional materials and colours can provide a homely and familiar feel, while modern, crisp and contemporary can complement a modern style of bathroom suite. And for the ultra-modern, there are a range of bathroom taps which look nothing short of futuristic.

The next decision is whether to self-install or use the services of a professional plumber. Even if accomplished at DIY, it is worth considering that bathroom taps have large volumes of hot water passing through them and often need to be installed in spaces with very restricted access and visibility.

And for information to aid the bathroom taps decision-making process, including customer reviews, visit regularly and share other customers' experiences.

Whatever the requirements,